Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I ♥ Butter Toffee :)

Toffee is yummy.
If you like butter toffee you may just like this shortcut to homemade "toffee". Actually, this recipe may be new to me but I am discovering that it is not so new in general. In fact just the other day I came across two other blogs that posted different versions of this. Oh well :) What turned me on to it was an elder lady from church was passing out copies of this recipe this past Sunday and I thought, "I can make those!" So I did.

She called them Mystery Bars, but I believe there are several names for it. I call it a "faux" butter toffee, or a poor man's toffee crisp, but whatever name you give it, it's still incredibly yummy for such a simple and sweet treat.

Ingredients & Directions:
1 sleeve Saltine crackers (I used whole wheat crackers. You can also use graham crackers)
1 regular sized cookie sheet (use a baking sheet with sides).
Lay out as many crackers in a single layer as the pan will hold (this was all but 4 crackers on my pan)

Turn oven to 350* and let it pre-heat
Boil together 1 cup packed brown sugar and 1 cup butter in saucepan for 2 minutes,
Pour this mixture over the crackers and spread evenly.
Bake for 10 minutes.

Remove from oven and sprinkle 12 oz. package chocolate chips.
Allow to soften and melt (can place back in oven for a minute) and then spread evenly over the top.
Sprinkle chopped nuts on top of chocolate, if desired.

*I placed the pan in the fridge for a bit so everything could harden up a bit. Then I easily lifted it off the pan, broke it into pieces, and placed in an air-tight container. I keep mine in the fridge :)


I have to admit, I never would have thought of this. Normally I wouldn't make a treat out of crackers at all, but these are really good. Also, it was a great way to get my little helper in the kitchen with me for some quality time ;)

He looks thrilled, doesn't he? He certainly didn't mind eating all that hard work!

Enjoy your faux butter toffee bars!

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